twixt_dee_n_dum: (As it isn't it ain't. That's logic.)

We need a vacation.

I agree. We've been working too hard.

Contrariwise, no one else works hard enough.

Nohow! They're just like puppy dogs.

Always following you--

Getting into your things--

Sniffing at you.

Yes, we definitely need a vacation.
twixt_dee_n_dum: (You're only a sort of thing in his dream)
How can we fill four if there are only two of us?

I suppose we'll have to get creative, won't we?

Oh! What if we stood in front of a mirror?

Yes! Then there will be four of us, undeniably! No one can call us cheaters.


Now only if we knew what these things meant.
twixt_dee_n_dum: (We must have a bit of a fight)
[Tweedledum and Tweedledee may look and sound a bit different from last time, but their speech patterns and personalities have not changed whatsoever.

They're still identical, though, and at the moment, standing back to back, the only way to tell them apart is that one of them is sulking and the other looks like she's about to throw a fit.]

It was mine, you know, and now you've ruined it. That's bad form.

Yes, I suppose it was. Contrariwise, it can't be fixed now.

Nohow. So you'll agree that there's only one thing to be done?

Yes. We must have a battle to set things right.

But you know... [She turns to face her sister.] I don't really want to fight you.

Nor I you. [She turns around as well.]

So there's only one solution.

[The two smile at each other and clasp hands, suddenly and inexplicably excited.]

We must have a game of chess.

The very best game of chess.

Everyone will participate. It would be bad form for them not to, wouldn't you say?

I would. Naturally.

Contrariwise, we'll have to get permission if we want to have enough pieces.

It's impolite to take what's not yours. Which is how this got started in the first place.

['Dee begins to sulk again.] Let's just ask now, shall we.

Yes. Let's.

[And both of them turn to the camera again, beaming.]

Red Queen! We want to play a game!
twixt_dee_n_dum: (It may if it chooses. We've no objection)
It's bad form not to accept what's being given. Not polite at all. Nohow.

Contrarywise, one shouldn't take what hasn't been given. Very rude conduct, that.

If there's someone to give it, it's given. If there's no one, it ain't.

That's logic.